TH3 is committed to offering the superior service on your sportbike. Located in Charlotte, NC, we are the only service facility that does just that - service. We do not sell or consign motorcycles so we can focus on our core values SPEED, PASSION, PERFECTION. These three words are our guiding principles and govern our business. It's who we are and what we do.


It's why you bought the bike you did, right? We understand speed and it's why we bought our bikes too. We will ensure that your bike is tuned to utilize all of its potential and when it hits a race track it's ready for big speed!


Whether it's 5 am warming up Terremoto for the Sunday morning ride or 5 am waking up in a sleeping bag at the track, motorcycles are in our blood.


The difference between a good ride and a great ride is the difference between "good enough" and done right. A degree here on cam timing, .5 psi in your rear tire there, and a quarter turn of preload on your front fork spring is what stands between you and a great ride.

Thomas out for a ride on his beautiful Ducati 999 nicknamed "Terremoto" which is Italian for earthquake.